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Library is a central facility to support the teaching & learning needs of the Institute. Library as been over the years successfully catering to the needs of all the departments.

The Library is well classified and stocked with arround 25000 volumes, 20 journals/magazines and all prominent newspapers are subscribed to supplement the knowledge of staff and students.

Library membership is open to the Faculty, Students and non-teachning staff of the institute. Library cards are issued to all for transaction in the library. Faculty member can borrow 15 books for a cademic year, students 2 cards for Ist year and IInd Year students for two weeks and 3 cards for IIrd year student for two weeks. If issued books are not in demand by other students, they may be renewed for furter period.

Library is equipped with Computer & Laser printer. Plans are drawn for computerization of library facilities.
1. Mr. Lakkho Singh Librarian M.Sc., M.Lib.
2. Mr. Mridul Bhatnagar UDC  
3. Mr. Yogesh Kumari Book Lifter/Lab Attend.  
4. Mr. Ramesh Chand Banjara Book Lifter/Lab Attend.  
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